GardenJet Root Feeder is a sub-surface watering device which delivers water to the most important part of a plant, its roots.  Most traditional garden watering devices are spray devices of varying configurations, flow rates and spray patterns.  A spray device tends to reach not only the plants requiring watering, but also adjacent areas where watering is not necessary or perhaps even undesirable.  GardenJet, on the other hand, targets areas of the garden requiring hydration. The benefits include:

Promotes Healthier Root Growth

Spray devices tend to water the soil near the surface thereby promoting shallow root growth.  Plants with shallow roots are more susceptible to disease, bugs and uprooting; and require more regular watering as the soil dries more quickly near the surface from sun exposure.  GardenJet delivers water deeper in the soil thereby promoting healthier, more drought resistant root growth.

Conserves Water

GardenJet delivers water precisely to a plant’s roots whereas spray devices tend to water larger surface areas, resulting in loss of water due to evaporation, run-off and simply watering of areas where water is not required.

Reduces Chance of Plant Disease 

Some plants (e.g., roses and tomatoes) are susceptible to sunburn if water gets on their leaves and they are exposed to harsh sunlight.  Water droplets can act like mini-magnifying glasses and burn plants.  Also, water sitting on leaves, buds, flowers and fruits for a prolonged period of time increases the plant’s chances of suffering from leaf spots, diseases, fruit rots and flower blights.

Less Time and Less Frequent Watering 

It takes less time to water your plants with GardenJet as the watering effort is concentrated on just the plants that need it.  Although it will vary from plant-to-plant and soil conditions, usually only a few seconds of watering is required.  And because water is delivered deep into the soil and thus less likely to evaporate, the number of times you need to water each plant is reduced.  

Inhibits Surrounding Weed Growth

By delivering water only to areas where plant growth is desirable, GardenJet leaves other areas dry and makes it harder for undesirable plants, such as weeds, to take root.